Saturday, 22 October 2011

Reading Post Article

The Reading Post were at our 10th anniversary celebrations at the town hall and have written a brief article.  It's good to see this sort of coverage in the local news.

Click here to see the article

Friday, 21 October 2011

Acoustic night

On Saturday November 12th, we will once again be at South Street Arts Centre, to enjoy an evening of meeting with friends and hearing quality live music from three talented acts (read bios below).

Lozi Boulton:  A local girl from Wokingham, Lozi has a beautiful voice that accompanies her guitar with wonderful clarity.  She sings songs that she has penned herself which tell something of her life's journey. Her gentle tones leave audiences spell bound and wanting more.

Mimi and Friends: Mimi hails from the African nation of Zimbabwe and with her friends bring that musical culture here to the UK.  She is an accomplished musician on native Zim instruments as well as guitar and vocals.  However Mimi is also great at getting the audience involved in complex clapping rhythms.  Be prepared to embrace a whole new musical genre.

Forerunner: After forming in the summer of 2009, Forerunner began playing the venues and clubs of the Brighton circuit, immediately winning fans with their energetic live shows and catchy melodies. From then on, they spread further afield into the South of England, building momentum with a strong internet presence. In Spring 2010 they were voted one of the top 10 live acts in Brighton, receiving the opportunity to play on the Heart radio stage at the Brighton marathon.  

It's now only 4 weeks until the event and tickets are now on sale by clicking on the photo or here. book now for you and your friends to avoid disappointment.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Taking the opportunities when they arise

Are we missing opportunities to help people in view of our faith because we think that they are not interested?  Do we stop short of saying the thing that may help them the most because we are afraid that they'll misunderstand us?

These last three evenings I have had an opportunity to make that call and each time I swallowed hard and went with it.  The strange thing is, instead of it being awkward it felt so natural.  I felt the Holy Spirit open the opportunity and then help me with what to say.  He helped me remember scriptures that were of note in the situations which I was then able to paraphrase and make it accessible.

When you feel it rising up and know that God wants you to say something I recommend going for.  Don't miss those divine opportunities to both help someone and also bring them that little closer to Jesus.