Friday, 28 March 2008

Random thoughts over a fortnight

Well I know I'm not the most prolific of bloggers, but I'm back for another instalment. It's been a good time for the Hammers. We have seen a win and a draw since our horrible run of 4-0's, that's 4 points out of 6 and in all fairness we could have won the game at Everton. We've seen two new superstars start their careers with the first team in Freddie Sears and James Tomkins. There has actually been no negative press surrounding the club, so all seems very well with the Claret and Blue!!

On the down side England lost to France, not a surprise I guess, but I'm like every other football patriot - I have high expectations and am disappointed every time!!! However the cricket team have done well to come home with a series win at last. Maybe I should support cricket instead!!! Na!

Badminton has been a mixed bag - since winning twice in a row, I have held on to champion status by default as I have been one of the guys who have drawn for the lead. However this wednesday I actually had to hand in champion status - mine for 6 weeks!!! I came outside the drawing guys at the top. Still I shall endeavour to win it back next week seeing as it belongs to no one at the moment.

However throughout all this competitive nonsense (which, as you can tell, I really quite enjoy) I know that God has been at work within me. I know that I am growing in trusting him. Reading through Leviticus, I have been reminded again that God is interested in all of me and he has something to say into each area of my life. When going through the accounts of Jesus' death and resurrection over the Easter period I could not help but be stirred again to the fact that I am saved and that Jesus paid that enormous price for me. To know that there is someone that loves me this much is so comforting, but to know that he loves me enough to want to speak into my life, to bring me encouragemnet, to bring me rebuke, to teach me - I truely find incredible.

With the psalmist I can think, 'what is man that you are mindful of him' and yet he is. Laying hands on people to be healed or filled with the Spirit and seeing God work is fantastic, but knowing him - by knowing I mean having an intimacy with him - that's special, that's precious, that's amazing.

I need my competitive streak to be tempered by this knowledge, because my competitiveness relies on what I can do, whereas I want to be reliant on what God wants to do in me and through me.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Cole or Ronaldo

West Ham 0... all other teams 4!!! Well that's the summation of the current form of the Hammers. Who knows what has gone wrong with them, but as a die hard supporter I am hoping for better things on Saturday against Blackburn. One of the big problems isn't so much the defence, it is the attack not taking the chances that are presented to them.

I find that this is so true in our everyday lives. As Christians we are often presented with goal scoring opportunities but are too busy or too fearful to take them. I did have an opportunity yesterday and it's one, I thank Jesus, that I took. A random caller to the church office looking for another Christian agency lead to the name of Jesus being proclaimed as the one who changes lives. I bought him sandwiches and some crisps: he thanked me: I pointed to Jesus as the one who changed my life which is why I was in a positon to buy him sandwiches and why I was willing to do so.

He didn't give his life to the Lord there and then, but he did know that my motivation for helping him was not my own goodness, but love that was given me by Christ.

One example where I got it right, but how many have I missed. Carlton Cole has scored three times this year for the Hammers, great! But how many has he missed? I want to be more prolific, the evangelistic version of Ronaldo, that whenever a half chance in front of goal is presented, I will be on hand to shoot on target and will take that opportunity.