Thursday, 28 February 2013

A Church endeavouring to show grace and love

I have just returned from our good friends in Croatia, Zdenko and Ivana.  I spent the weekend there encouraging and cheering on a pioneering work. Zdenko has a great vision for his nation that we will cheer on and partner with for as long as he wants us to

It may sound so obvious to many of us that the Christian faith is about Jesus and ultimately the fact that we have been invited into a wonderful relationship with a Father who loves us.  We are so familiar with the concepts of grace and mercy and love not legalism, that it passes us by that in parts of the world where this is not the predominant understanding of what being a Christian is.
Zdenko and Ivana with Ian and Judy Anderson
The people who are making up Light of the World Church are endeavouring to bring the message of grace and love to a country that deeply needs it.  A message that says Jesus not religious traditions is King.

I am deeply impressed with their perseverance and faith to keep going in the face of suspicion and even people talking against them as being a cult.  They love Jesus and are willing to stand for the very things that we take for granted.

Keep praying for our friends there that the mission that they have been called to, to change the expression of Christianity in that brilliant nation, will have a great impact on both church culture and the prevailing culture of the country.  Please pray for a venue for them to meet in on a Sunday morning in Varazdin.  Pray that many will find Jesus through the growing ministry there.