Thursday, 16 May 2013

It's a faith thing

Things have moved fast over these past few months - as such I have accidentally had a blog sabbatical!  

Most of my energy has gone into Alpha, being a dad and of course helping RFC jump to 3 meetings on a Sunday.

These three meetings mean we now have 823 seats available to us on a Sunday in two venues over three meetings.  Current numbers show us that we are about 50% there so we have enough seating capacity to grow.

It's brilliant to know that we can invite our friends along to church knowing that there is room for them.  It's brilliant to know that when new people arrive they will see that  there is a place for them.

As we have made more room, we have already seen new people join us and long may that continue.  

To aid this, over the next few weeks we are going to be stepping out in faith.  Instead of sitting around waiting for people to arrive, we are going to do something.  This Friday we put out a wrap on the local newspaper, Get Reading, which has a circulation of 68,000 homes (see Sean's blog entry here).  We will then be putting out 20, 000 leaflets around the reading area as life groups.

Why don't you take the opportunity to use these two things to have a conversation about your faith and maybe invite someone to church.  We have been called to join Jesus in his mission of seeing a people brought back into relationship with our father God.  Let's grab any chance we can.