Friday, 18 April 2008

View From The Top

Once again it has been a while since last I wrote, lots has happened not least the demise of a West Ham season that has shown promise but has not really delivered, although they are doing better than this time last season! I have preached twice, seen various healings, had a great week at New Word Alive sitting under the teaching of Terry Virgo, John Piper and Don Carson. I have had this week off to spend with my beautiful wife.

It was on wednesday of this week that we went to Paris for the day. A long trip but wonderful. The weather was glorious, the food was good and the company was excellent. We left early and returned late. We probably did in excess of 15 miles as we walked around the sites of this magnificent city. Standing and queueing under the Eiffel Tower for an hour was definitely worth the views from the top (well the second platform seeing as they had shut the top because of sheer volume of people).

The view is across the whole of Paris and as it was a sunny day you could see the sun reflecting off the lavish, almost white buildings, however there were clouds and there were times where whole areas of the city were found under that cloud cover and there was a dark shadow.

I couldn't help but remember what we are told in 1 John that there is no darkness in our God and in Revelation, that the light will not come from the sun or electric lighting, but from God himself. There will be no dark shadows resting over the city of our God it will be incredible!!! This is all so brilliant because Jesus has promised that for those of us who have accepted his invitation to follow him, for those of us that have been born again, for those of us that have said I will live my life in a way that brings honour and glory to him, we have a place in heaven set aside for us and that is assured!!!

What wonderful truth, what a glorious hope.