Tuesday, 11 December 2012

How Adrian Holloway will end his talk on Sunday, so you are ready!

I’ve just spoken to Adrian Holloway, our preacher for the Carol Concerts.  He told me stories of three of the carol concerts he has been at.  He saw 88 responses at Birmingham Uni, 83 at Norwich Uni, and 86 at a church in Bristol.  He is in Reading on Sunday and I am excited to see what God will do as we celebrate the birth of Jesus with our family and friends.

He will be speaking about a relationship with Jesus and will finish by using one of the verses of O Little Town of Bethlehem as a prayer.  He will invite everyone to close their eyes and pray the prayer if they want to.  He will say Amen and his talk will be over. When Sean wraps up at the end he will ask anyone who prayed the prayer to tell the people they came with. 

This is the follow up for our carol concert.  We need to continue to build relationally and if you have invited someone to the carol concert you are the best person to ask them what they thought of the talk and what they made of the response.  Sean will also let people know about the Alpha course which will be held at Bill’s restaurant from 22nd Jan, and they will have a flyer to take away with them, why not let that be a conversation piece as you move into the new year.

These are exciting days for RFC in so many ways, but let’s keep praying that we will see our own friends and family turn to Jesus because we love them and want the best for them.

Looking forward to seeing many of you and your guests on Sunday