Thursday, 23 December 2010

Great Vid 2

So here is part two of three, three is worth the wait!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Great video

This makes me chuckle, not sure what that says about me!

There are three, watch this space over the next few days or check out on you tube if you cannot wait!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

West Ham United v Man City - here's hopeful

So today West Ham take on the big spenders of Man City, I don't usually blog on this stuff but after two blogs in a week I'm on a roll!!

I for one am slightly hopeful that we could get a favourable result today.  We really need a win and I think, if we play like we did when we beat Man Utd 4-0, that we will beat them.  They are without Tevez, which in one sense is a shame because it would have been good to see him back at Boleyn Ground and to hear the crowd roar for him, but on the other hand, really pleased because I know it weakens their side.

I see that Behrami could feature today, but strangely, I do hope that Spector gets another chance in midfield.

Whilst I do love the football and have an air of expectation for today, it's great to know that my life does not depend on the result today, or any other football result come to that.  Jesus rules and my life is firstly all about being a follower of him, then a great husband, then the best daddy that I can be, then doing all I can to pastor RFC with love and care and then being a son and brother.  After all that and only then comes being a supporter of WHUFC.  That said, when it comes to football, there is no other team for me - 29 years on now and counting!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Enjoying a dance in the local community

Yesterday afternoon, a few us went to the community centre on Northumberland Ave to enjoy an afternoon of singing, dancing and chatting to those who are into their retirements.  This is a yearly thing that we do in supporting the great work of the North Whitley Tenants and Residents Association.

It's a privilege to go along and spend time with ladies and gentleman who remember Reading before the Oracle,  and before the IDR.  They have stories to tell that are both good and bad.  They evidently appreciate the party that is thrown on their behalf and I for one think that it is an excellent way to get know those in my community that I wouldn't usually get to meet.

It's also good to remember that this time of year is about blessing others and being generous both materially and with ourselves.  Making a fool of myself dancing in front of 50 pensioners seems worthwhile to me if it entertains and encourages them to enjoy themselves.  

This is definitely a fixture in our Christmas build up that will remain as long as we asked to be involved.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A great story of the Holy Spirit doing what he alone can do

A few weeks ago a lady accompanied a couple from RFC on a Sunday morning.  As we sung our songs of praise to Jesus and heard the preach something was happening and as the call for salvation came, she was in tears and unable to say why.  That morning the Spirit started a work in her that three week later, when the call for salvation came again, resulted in her raising her hand and giving her life to Jesus.

The following Tuesday, at  the prayer meeting, she came along with the couple she had originally come with and they rang the bell to celebrate what God had done in her.  It was glorious to see another woman pulled from the clutches of darkness and now walking in the light of Jesus.

This Sunday I looked around to see if she was there and sure enough just behind me I saw her beaming smile as we worshipped Jesus as brother and sister.  Her words to me afterwards were of how much brighter life seems and how much happier she feels in herself, even though none of here personal circumstances have actually changed.

I love our God and I love the fact that we have the great joy of seeing lives being transformed by the grace and mercy of a living loving Saviour, Jesus Christ, by the power of his Spirit.

My prayer is this, that we would see many more people like this, whereby the Spirit does his work, enabling people to see their condition of brokenness to a point where people can do nothing but turn to Jesus as he calls them to follow him.

As we approach Christmas, pray that you would be someone who God uses at the Christmas party or at drinks with the neighbours or around the Christmas dinner table, to be the peace bringer and to be the joy giver and to be the grace bearer.  And maybe you too could be celebrating with a friend or family member as the bell is rung again to mark yet another sinner repenting and turning to Jesus.