Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee Street Party

This Saturday we will be joining with the other churches of South Reading to put on one of the largest street parties in Reading, the county and even the country depending on the numbers that come through.

It is not only causing a buzz in the local community but also on a council level and in the local media.  There will be a selection of councilors and both of Readings MP's present, ITV Meridian are joining us for a couple of hours as are heart FM, and BBC Radio Berkshire will be doing a live broadcast from the event.

Northumberland is being closed, buses rerouted and an army of volunteers will make it look like it isn't one of the busiest road in Whitley!  Bunting tables and chairs will adorn the road, where cars normally rule!

With sandwiches and cakes and tea and squash, we will toast 60 years of reign for our queen.  We will enjoy meeting together with backdrop of good music, entertainment, face painting, bouncy castles, Whitley's Got Talent and many other things.  It will be a day that people will talk about for years and hopefully decades.

We love our local community and we want to be a blessing to them as we run with this.  If you want to join us come along between 1 and 4pm and be part of something so much bigger.

You can get involved by baking or buying all manner of cake as we want to supple 12500 slices on the day.  Please drop cakes off at the church office or at St Agnes Church building on Northumberland Ave.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

From business to reflection

There's been so much going on in church life and personal life recently, that sitting and writing a blog has been all but impossible.  It's so good to be caught up in a life that neither affords me the time to be a prolific writer nor enables me to get the slightest bit bored.  It's brilliant that each day I awake that I know it won't be the same as the last.  

In church life, I have been enjoying Alpha, an acoustic night and looking forward to all that is to come for the rest of the year.In our personal world we have had a holiday to center parcs, have been pursuing our house sale/purchase and we are only a month away from the arrival of Bubba T.

In the midst of all the business it's all to easy to lose focus on what this life is all about, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  That's why I will be making time tomorrow to reflect on Sundays preach and remember that I live in the light of the epiphany of grace and the epiphany of glory.  (you'll have to have a listen to the preach to pick up what on earth I'm going on about!)  It's brilliant to be reminded afresh of the truth of the gospel that we live in the good of!