Thursday, 28 April 2011

This Sunday

In April we saw three people make a first time commitment to following Jesus and I am in anticipation as to what will happen in May.  This Sunday we will be bringing people into membership, continuing our series 'We Know and We Love', looking at the 1st letter of John to the churches in Asia Minor and sharing communion together. As we look at 1 John 2v1-14 I am expecting God to meet with us and hearts and minds will be changed.

With all the attention this weekend on the Royal wedding with a prospective king marrying, let's not let that detract from coming to meet with THE King and the one who has invited us to THE wedding banquet of all wedding banquets.  Why not invite some others along as well so they too can meet him!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Quiz night

On Saturday 14th May there is going to be a team quiz and meal at the church office.  It's a night aimed at building relationships and community.  My friend Roy has come up with the quiz questions and will be hosting the evening.  There is a cost of £3 to enter the quiz, which will cover the meal.

Just like the acoustic night, this is about being together and inviting our friends to something that is fun and light hearted - and in this case, has a competitive element.