Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A quickly a week goes by

Well a whole week has gone by. B and I spent a lovely couple of days in the Hertfordshire countryside, returning back ready for the great weekend that was!

On Saturday, Kat did a wonderful job of organising a Worship Day. A day spent talking about and worshipping the living God. What better way to spend a Saturday! The main talk will go up on the Internet within the next month or so I will post a link when it becomes available. I came away thinking what a great God we serve and how worthy He is of all our praise, attention and affection. I know that for those who were there on Saturday they can't help but to have been stirred and encouraged to step out and step up there everyday lifestyles of worship, their individual times with Him and their own contributions in corporate worship.

Sunday was also a wonderful occasion, as Richard was recognised as an elder, Mark Landreth-Smith was with us and we also had a church lunch.

This week sees me preparing to preach on Sunday, looking at reaching the town in which we live (having kingdom vision for Reading). It is stimulating to once again look at what I am doing to look beyond the church and into the community in which B and I live - I pray that that will be so for all those who hear what is preached on Sunday!!!

Tomorrow sees Sean and I go to Holy Trinity Brompton in Kensington for a day with Bill Hybels. I am looking forward to that immensely. Bill is an outstanding leader and a great evangelist and just to be around him for a day, I know that I will learn heaps. More on that when next I write!

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