Thursday, 26 February 2009

The joy of a father

I cannot stop speaking about my darling daughter. For some I guess I speak too much about her, but I want to tell the world about her. Every opportunity I get to tell some one and share my joy, I take it - and probably give more information than they are actually interested in.

As I realised this whilst standing in St Andrews bookshop a while ago, it made me think once more of Luke 15 and the parable of the lost sheep. It says that the shepherd lets people know about the finding of the sheep by calling to them and inviting them to rejoice with him. It then says that there will be more rejoicing over a sinner who repents - a person being born again.

The joy I feel about Rachel is only a shadow of the joy that our Father feels and expresses when someone gives their life to follow Jesus. When we rang the salvation bell for one 10 year old lad, we were just joining in that celebration. I long to hear that bell ring again or at least hear some stories of friends of our church moving closer to that time!


Anonymous said...

Haha. It's so cute when idiots think there's a god.

Scott said...

Thanks anonymous! I totally agree, if I only THINK there is a God and hope for the best then I must be an idiot. I would then be trusting in someone that may or may not be real. I am living my life for something I am unsure about. I should really be counted amongst those who are in most need of medication!!!

The flip side is to KNOW and be certain that there IS a God. If this is true then the person who doesn't believe would surely have to be put in the same category as one who only thinks there is a god!?!