Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Learning to be a better husband

With the biography of Spurgeon finished I am now taking up a book recommendation of Sean and delving into the mysteries of the opposite sex. I have just started 'For Men Only' by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn. For me this is in an attempt to be a better husband to my wife. I know I have so much to learn and that I can never think that I have got it sorted.

God has given me my wife to love as Christ loved the church; to love as I love myself. I am committed to this and want to do all I can, to make sure that B stays the apple of my eye, continues to be the girl that I dream about and that I continue to be, and continue to develop into, the husband that meets her high expectations from scripture.


beatthedrum said...

Can I also recmmend some teaching for you?

If you get a chance watch the Mark Driscoll Peasent Princess Preaches from last year @ Mars Hill Seattle. They are excellent and focused on marriage, sex and relationships.

He has also just preached on Marriage and women as part of his Peter Sermons and is about to preach on men and marriage.

Hope that helps.

I just want to be a better husband!

Scott said...

Thanks beatthedrum. My wife and I intend watching the Driscoll teaching together - we are just waiting till our 5 week old baby girl gives us the chance!!! I will also check out the other sermons you've listed!

Jems said...

I'm erring towards reading the partner book - I need to step up the efforts on the wife front! Speaking as a Christian woman who's marriage recently nearly fell apart I can confidently say it's all too easy to become complacent and forget to make an effort. The guilt at feeling you've wrecked something that God has given you is unbearable. He has given us our wives and husbands to love and we have an obligation to keep working at it. It's lovely to see so many husbands wanting to please their wives, but us ladies need to keep our husbands happy too and need to remind you that what you do is for us is appreciated and valued, so the learning cuts both ways. :-)

Scott said...

Thanks Jems, my wife is currently reading the counterpart and she is finding it helpful. It is giving us lots to talk about!