Friday, 15 May 2009

Stories of healing keep coming

Last night there was a phone call to the church office as people were gathered here to pray. That phone call came from a lady prayed, for 6 months ago, regarding healing. When I visited her she found moving very painful due to osteoarthritis in her upper body, she would now say that all the tension from her neck, shoulders and arms has been released and the pain that she felt is no longer there. As a result of this she has now returned to church and is regularly reading her bible as she knows that God loves he and has compassion for her.

This is a remarkable story and is just one of a few from these last few weeks. Two Sunday's ago, one guy was instantly healed of a painful headache and another ladies thumb was pain free and back to full rotation in an instant - both spoke publicly of what God had done. Following that meeting I had an email to say that an 8 year old lad who was prayed for was significantly better and the healing seems to be continuing.

God is alive, He is interested and He is healing in our day. I know this has been the major theme of my blog for a while now, but it is so important to keep reporting what is happening. I know that the Holy Spirit is at work, pointing people towards Jesus by healing people. In our culture which is very much one of 'show me the proof', Jesus comes and, as he did in his day, he heals to show that he is alive and he continues to do what he said he would through us - that is heal the sick.

This Sunday we have Terry Hotchkiss with us. He is a guy who has a proven ministry in seeing miraculous things happen. He is also outstanding at preaching the good news of Jesus. My prayer for this Sunday is that many are healed and that people turn to Jesus as a result. If you have not invited friends, it's not too late - if you are looking in and are not part of our church but need healing and are in the Reading area, come and join us.

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