Friday, 28 August 2009

New interns - an adventure with God

Over this past year, Samantha, Hannah and Andrew have served the church magnificently as trainees on our intern programme. Next week we welcome in our new interns. Joe and Claire are great people who arfe giving a year of their life to serve God by volunteering for the local church. They are both graduates with excellent degree qualifications, but are choosing to delay any career moves to serve Him.

Joe will be involved in students, film media and youth, whilst Claire will be doing the day to day media, worship and administration. They will both be extremely busy, have no money (it is in fact costing them money to do the year), and will need lots of support and encouragement.

I know that these two will have a massive impact on the church as they are both hard working and full of the Holy Spirit. They both love Jesus and want to do all they can to grow in Him. Please pray for them and maybe even consider supporting them financially in this coming year as they embark on their newest adventure in God.

Also let this be a timely reminder to us all that we are all on an adventure. Ours may not be volunteering for the church for a year, but it may be starting a new job, a new hobby or maybe starting a family or seeing the last of the children leave home. Things in life are always changing and we can embrace these changes with the knowledge that God is in control and although the adventure maybe harder than we thought, we can count on the fact that He is there for us. Alternatively we can shy away from the changes, reject them and stay in the status quo. Who ever grows in the staus quo? What adventure are you embarking on in this coming term?


dave bish said...

Which training base will they go to?

Scott said...

They will be going to Wimbledon buddy.