Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Good times...

Over the past two weekends we have had some great experiences as a church.

On Sunday 17th January, we met at South Streets Arts Centre in the town centre, for
our vision evening. 105 people (including babies) turned out to hear what is in store for us this year which in itself was exciting. The most exciting thing though was worshipping in a new venue. This will be the venue that we use for the evening meetings kicking off on Sunday 7th Feb and it rocked. It gave us a foretaste of what is to come as we open a new door into the town which God has called us to love and reach with the gospel.

Then this weekend we gathered 222 people over two venues - 149 here in Reading and 73 down in Bognor at Butlins (Newfrontiers weekend away). Howie Kellett preached in Reading, Kat lead worship and Simon anchored. By all accounts, people met with the living God and were challenged by the message. At Butlins many were inspired by good teaching and enjoyed fellowship, whilst a small group served the 350+ youth over four meetings. The RFC band that played were fantastic and lead the young people and the leaders into the presence of God, Nicholas (from Catford), Dave (from Ascot) and our very own Sitho, preached well, but more importantly, we met with the Holy Spirit.

It was fantastic to see so many young people responding to be baptised in the Spirit for the first time and for others to be filled again. What a joy and what a privilege to be part of the weekend. My role was to be DJ and ministry team member: I must confess it was brilliant to once again to play my trance tunes loud and with purpose in a way that I have not done for over 9 years. Hopefully more chances like that will come along!!!

In all what these two weekends has shown me is that God has plans for us as a church to help serve the wider body in out region and in our town, but also we are a church called to be dynamic in the way that we approach our town and love her in order to reach her for Jesus. In faith we shall pray about this for three days at the end of next week - more details to come

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