Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Alpha@CoffeeRepublic week 1 summary.

Tonight is week 2 of Alpha.  I cannot believe a whole week has gone by already.  Last week teh 5 of us who are on team, were joined in Coffee Republic by 9 guests. All of them are on different stages of their journey of discovery of Jesus.  It is always thrilling to see who will turn up and to hear something of their stories.  The first night is always kind of odd as it is the night where there seems to be an urgency for answer.  The big questions raise their heads and the main objections come to the table.  I try not to get too carried away with these things because as the course progresses we hit many of these things and we also enjoy the debate.

Last week we looked at the question 'Who was or is Jesus?'. Looking at the fact that there is historical evidence to support an historical figure called Jesus; looking at his claims that he made about himself, about the miracles and his teaching; and we stated that these are all things that point to the fact that Jesus was both man and God and he was indeed the Son of God the second person of the trinity. There was a lot of discussion both before and after the talk creating a great buzz in the place.

Tonight we gather to focus on the resurrection of Jesus.  'Did he really rise from the dead?' is the question in view.  I am looking forward to speaking and getting to know some of the guests more over a cup of coffee and a cake. If you would like to join us we are in Coffee Republic in Reading town centre from 8pm.  The talk will start at 8:30pm and we will be finished by 9:45pm.  (the talk isn't that long but we have time to discuss the talk!)

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