Wednesday, 25 May 2011

This past weekend in the west...

This past weekend En Rundell and I traveled to the west of England. On Saturday we found ourselves enjoying the teaching of Lex Loizides and Adrian Holloway in sunny Worcester.  It's great to be inspired again and to believe God at his word when he says that he is in the business of saving people.  It's also good to have a high expectation of our God and what he wants to do in the here and now of 21st century Britain, with regards to healings and miracles.

This set us up brilliantly to go along to Bridge Community Church, Bristol.  Even before the meeting started, we encountered the power of the Holy Spirit and knew that we were in for a good time.  I had the great privilege of preaching and 5 people responded to the salvation call at the end.  As for healings - one girl spoke of the fact that she had arrived with a head ache and as this was prayed for it went instantaneously, another guy who responded to a word about a damaged right shoulder for years said that there was significant change in the movement he had in the shoulder.

We prayed for diabetics and heart defects, for legs and arms and backs, and I look forward, over the coming weeks and months to hearing the full extent of what God did there.

I am always amazed at how God takes normal people like Ed and I, throws us into this sort of situation and then choses to work though us.  I love the fact that the only person who deserves any accolade is Him.  I love the fact that the Christian faith is still growing, contrary to popular news items.  i love the fact that Jesus is indeed building his church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.

I look forward to being back at my beloved RFC this weekend and having the great joy of preaching there.  I am in high expectation as to what God will do with us as we come prepared to meet with Him.

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