Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The weekend that was

Last week saw the last Newfrontiers leaders conference at Brighton.  It was a great time of hearing from God worshiping with thousands and getting an understanding of how Newfrontiers will move forward as a movement. More details and highlights can be found on Sean's blog here.  This was then followed by a very busy weekend.

My good friend of some 12 years, Tim Rooke got married.  I had the honour of being one of his best men on the day, which also meant a 7pm rehearsal on Friday evening.  Tim has waited for this moment for so long and it was such a joyful occasion to see Sarah practice walking down the aisle and her tears as she went through the marriage vows one last time before the big day.

Saturday was somewhat of a whirlwind of getting the groom to the church building, ushering ushers, being the master of ceremonies, holding the details of the reception and of course making a speech!  By 9pm I was ready to sleep!

Sunday was a wonderful day of meeting with RFC and having the pleasure of preaching the final sermon in our series 'we know and we love' looking at the first letter of John to the churches of what is now modern day Turkey.

As  I reflect on this busy passage of time I can only see God's hand being worked out in the lives of his people.  I am so thankful for friends of amassing years who I have had the joy and the pain of walking closely with.  I am also full of wonder at  the great gospel that we carry, the great Father who gives it through his wonderful Son Jesus made real to us by his Holy Spirit.

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