Thursday, 2 February 2012

Serving Teams: SUPA

Matt Blake
This is a picture of Matt Blake and he has just taken over from Andy in leading into our SUPA team.  The SUPA team is one of those teams in church life that goes unnoticed as a people but not as a function.  I remember when we started to meet in Reading Girls School, getting there early each morning and setting out chairs quickly became one of the highlights of the week.  It was an integral area of church life to serve in and it all went on behind the scenes and I loved it, the banter, the reality of seeing growth in the number of chairs that were required, setting up paddling pools for baptisms, fabulous!

Beautifully laid out chairs
10 years have passed and we now have a much larger church, more chairs, boxes to be moved around to other ministries, flags to be set, banners put up.  It can feel such a thankless task but is one of those that is highly valued and highly appreciated after all, who wants to sit on the floor.

The reality is that it is the ministry that starts the earliest at 8:30am and they are the last to leave the building at about 1pm for the morning meeting and 5pm - 8:30pm at the evening meeting.

We have had great heroes serve in this area over a long period of time such as Tino Villa, Tim Jablonski, Dan Chard, Andy Twine (sorry if I have forgotten anyone) and more recently, Matt Blake, all ably assisted by others.

Getting it right is an art!
So now we are once again inviting people to serve in this valuable area of church life.  It is a matter of committing and then following through on that commitment.  It's a matter of putting the proverbial towel over your arm and serving, knowing that God is delighted in what you are doing.  There are quite a few opportunities to serve on the team with Matt looking to build at least three teams for the morning meeting meaning that there is less regularity in being on.

Could you be there at 8:30am/5pm on a Sunday morning/evening ready to put out chairs and lug boxes?  Are you available after the meetings to help put things along. if you are and you want to get involved then please let Matt Blake (morning) or Ian Anderson (evening) know on Sunday, or of course you can contact me at

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