Thursday, 15 March 2012

Cheering on the masses in a party style

Sunday April 1st sees the streets of Reading once more taken over by elite athletes, wannabe elite athletes, fun runners and charity raisers. They are taking on the 13 and a bit miles that makes up the Reading Half Marathon.  It's an event that RFCers get involved in and is something that in this Olympic year will probably once again grab the attention of the public.

As a church  we are going to have a cheering presence on London Street, outside the church offices.  We'll pump some music, hand out some energy inducing goodies of some description to the athletes passing by and generally encourage the many runners who will be taking part.  We want to create an atmosphere that brings the best out of those taking part as well as play 'spot the RFCers' as they go through - we will compile a list!

It would be great to have 30 or so people at the least to have a presence during what has become a significant date in the calendar of our town and in the diaries of friends in our community.

To get involved you'll have to beat the road closures and be ready for a party, let me know if you're up for it!  

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