Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Two week countdown to Alpha!

On Tuesday 17th April at 8pm, we will be starting our latest Alpha course.  On Sunday we will be celebrating the fact that Jesus isn't just dead, but is very much alive.  The fact that he rose again and the tomb was empty gives us great confidence in our God for life now and our future eternity.  This deep security that we can have in Jesus is something we are called to share with others, but sometimes their questions can be a bit a tricky.

This is where Alpha comes in.  It's a perfect opportunity for you to invite someone to a place where friends or family can discuss their questions and hear some different perspectives of how those questions can be handled.

It might be that you are just coming back to Jesus and want to run through the reasons you believe what you believe.  This is your opportunity.  Come along and enjoy discussing your faith with others and once again, bring up any doubts or confusions you may have.

We keep doing Alpha, because people keep coming and keep meeting Jesus for themselves.  Why don't you join us.

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