Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Attitudes of a leaders @ RFC #1

You may have seen from Sean's blog that he has been going through his session notes from the leadership summit that we had back in September.  I too have been asked for my session notes and will put them up here as I try to get the blog back on track!

John Maxwell argues that our attitude is our greatest asset in leadership, because being a leader is to bring influence and therefore our attitude affects the attitudes of all those around us.

At RFC we are people who want tp work at being those who have positive attitudes as we believe that is what it is to follow Jesus, particularly in leadership.

1: Erring to grace

The other way of looking at this is to say how do we respond when someone messes up around us or doesn't quite do it how we would do it and therefore maybe not as well as we might think we may have done?

When someone lets you down on team by not turning up, when you feel you’re being asked again to go again, when someone doesn't do what they said they would or what you have asked them to – how do we respond? 

We could go straight for the behaviour.  This is the way to is done, this is what you said, this just isn't good enough!  The problem with this is that firstly we are a volunteer organisation.  As much as we need people to follow through on what they say they will do, they will mess up just like us!  

The second thing to remember here is that God doesn't treat us like this. He walks with us in our behaviours bearing with them training and teaching us, that we might become more like him.

Erring to grace doesn't mean we shrug our shoulders and ignore the fact that things are not going well, it means that we choose to work with the person to help them grow and that could mean releasing them to go do something else.

Within church leadership, grace is paramount. Grace says there’s room to get it wrong, grace says there is room to do it differently, grace says there is room to grow, and grace says we deal with you as an individual.

That's it for this week, next week we'll look at Embracing Generosity

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