Thursday, 18 December 2008

A must view!!!

Just found this on Terry Virgo's blog - thought it was brilliant - link below

What will your response be when you are not getting drunk at the office party or any other festive event?


Richard Walker said...

I often say that I am driving, (or cycling) which is true, but it's more of a foil.

On those occasions, if I had more guts I'd say coz I want to honour Jesus my Lord.

Jules Burt said...

Hey Scott. Dave's sis here. Thought I'd pop by and say hello! Hope you're doing well. How funny was that post from Terry! Haha!

Scott said...

Hi Jules, this is the first time that I have checked my blog this new year. I hope that you are well. B and I are expecting our first in just over six weeks so that is kinda consuming my thoughts at the mo.

Good to hear from you. When are you next in Reading?