Friday, 10 December 2010

Enjoying a dance in the local community

Yesterday afternoon, a few us went to the community centre on Northumberland Ave to enjoy an afternoon of singing, dancing and chatting to those who are into their retirements.  This is a yearly thing that we do in supporting the great work of the North Whitley Tenants and Residents Association.

It's a privilege to go along and spend time with ladies and gentleman who remember Reading before the Oracle,  and before the IDR.  They have stories to tell that are both good and bad.  They evidently appreciate the party that is thrown on their behalf and I for one think that it is an excellent way to get know those in my community that I wouldn't usually get to meet.

It's also good to remember that this time of year is about blessing others and being generous both materially and with ourselves.  Making a fool of myself dancing in front of 50 pensioners seems worthwhile to me if it entertains and encourages them to enjoy themselves.  

This is definitely a fixture in our Christmas build up that will remain as long as we asked to be involved.

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