Thursday, 29 September 2011

Great feedback from Alpha

On Tuesday evening we gathered in the church offices for the first night of Alpha.  31 of us heard about who Jesus is, ate homemade cake and drank tea, coffee and hot chocolate.  It was a great night with outstanding people serving tirelessly until 10:45 packing everything away.

Here is some of the feedback that has been received:

"It was such a good evening - I was on such a high when I got home it took a while to come down to earth!  It was so exciting to be there with my friends who don't know Jesus yet & listen to you speak so clearly & sincerely about Jesus & who He is."

"Both my guests really enjoyed the evening, so much that I had to prompt us to leave the Slug and Lettuce at half 11 last night! One of my friends was asking so many questions, but before I could give an answer, the other was butting in coming out with all this truth! This is amazing and an answer to prayer"

"I really really enjoyed tonight, everything I hoped it would be a more. So much I want to say and ask and discover but it's trying to get it all into words.  Furiously making notes now so i can get it altogether."

These are three different stories from three different people.  I know that God will work amazingly again on this course - please pray for his kingdom to come, for lives to be transformed, for grace to abound and for guests to return.

What a God we have, let's thank Him and give Him the glory for all he has done, is doing and will do!

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