Friday, 15 June 2012

A Celebration of Choir Song

Vocal Proms

Friday 13 July, doors 7.30pm (8pm start)
Reading Family Church & South Street are proud to present an evening of amazing vocal music from four locally based choirs. Join us for a whistle-stop tour of different vocal styles and genres from around the world, celebrated with style & verve.
Blessed: A blend of male and female voices bringing a taste of Africa, recognizong their roots and heritage. Full of joy, as they sway with the rhythm, they provide a great sense of occasion!
Quire Voices: Performing songs of different genres, and not being afraid of a challenge, means that these semi-pro chamber choir singers based in Windsor, are always willing to push the envelope and deliver high quality performance pieces wherever they go.
RFC voices:  A choir that represents different cultures, backgrounds and traditions, celebrate their diversity through a range of song from English Gospel to traditional African.  Power and energy accompanies each performance which reflects their passion and zeal for their art.
The Retreat Singers bring a host of different vocal and cultural experiences together. They create a sound that not only blends but purposely retains the individual vocal traditions that each singer brings to the group. They are a celebration of unity and individuality; of harmony and dissonance; a raw interpretation drawing from African music, rich gospel, jazz and folk.
Tickets £5 available from Karen at the church office or from the South Street Box Office

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