Thursday, 14 June 2012

Have we forgotten about the salvation bell?

You may remember that a while ago we were hot on RFC campanology.  The idea that we would become familiar with ringing the salvation bell to celebrate when someone turns to Christ. I remember the morning and evening meetings last year when we rang the bell for those who had committed their lives to Jesus.  The overwhelming feeling of joy that it brought up in me was amazing.   It was also something that spurred us on in prayer and in courage.

This year it can seem like we have forgotten about the bell.  I haven't gone on about it quite as much as I used to and it hasn't yet been rung for dear Jess who committed her life to following Jesus a couple of weeks ago.  We are missing something here.  The celebration of souls being won is like nothing else.  Let's get this right, this isn't about ringing a bell, it's about individuals coming to know the love of God, being freed from guilt, sin and shame.  This is a matter of eternity not just a loud moment of rejoicing.

Who are you currently praying for?  Who are you sharing your stories of Jesus with?  Who do you care enough about to risk being thought of as confrontational and weird because you want to turn the conversation to Jesus?

Working with South Street Arts Centre
On July 13th we are co-hosting a choirs night with South Street Arts Centre.  An evening of great song with the a chilled relaxed atmosphere with access to a bar means this is an ideal event to invite someone who you haven't spoken much to about your faith.  an easy invite if you like.
Tom Elliott, Saturday 22nd September

On Saturday 22nd September, a comic illusionist, Tom Elliott, will be with us again at South Street, and he will be making us laugh as well as sharing the gospel of God's love through some funny stories. This is going to be a brilliant evening and I ask now, who will you invite along?  Tickets will be limited to 120 due to the capacity in the venue and I anticipate they will sell fast so watch this space and the website for more details in a months time.

Following the Alpha launch night on the Saturday we will be starting the Alpha course on Tuesday 25th September.  What five people can you pray for in the hopes that you will invite three and that one will say yes.  It could be that you feel that you have exhausted your pool of friends already.  Please pray and ask God who is he asking you to invite!

Just so we are clear - I need to hear this as much as anyone else, sat here at my desk in the church office surrounded by Christians.  I need to consider the questions I have posed as much as anyone else.  People are generally introduced to Christ, are me and you ready to do that?  Let's get back to RFC campanology and let's choose to be those who get to ring the bell next for one of our work colleagues, friends or even family members!

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