Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Back from Zim

On Sunday I returned to the Uk with 5 friends after a 2 week trip to the nation of Zimbabwe.  We had a great and humbling time spending time with orphans, the elderly, brothers and sisters in Christ from churches in Harare and of course with each other.  We were part of a team of 10 from RFC that went to support the work of Creating Better Futures and to partner with Kingdom People and Community Life Church Harare.

I feel that I am just starting to process all that I have seen and all that we encountered on the trip, but know this for sure.  The UK has much need and I know that God has called B and I to this great nation for this time.  That said I also know that he is doing so much across the world that we can learn from.  I love visiting other countries, where I can learn what it is to trust Him and lean into Him in ways that I don't do here.

It was hard to leave my wife behind with Rachel and Daniel, and I thought about them and prayed for them everyday, but God also gave me the strength to do all that he asked me to do there (which included a lot of driving in a great big truck that was ace!)

I have come back being so grateful for all that I have in terms of family and friends and also thankful that I am in a world wide family that is endeavouring to reflect the glory and mission of Jesus.  

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