Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Always being ready...

Peter speaks about always being ready to give a reason for the hope that we have.  Here are a couple of stories from our kids worker, Sarah, who did just that:

I was at the chiropractor’s and I said something about church and she started telling me that she wished she’d been brought up with a faith. I told her I hadn’t been either, but that I’d become a Christian at 18 and was able to tell my story of how and why I’d become a Christian. She told me she has other patients who are Christians who have also spoken with her about their faith. I don’t know them, but I feel like we’re working “on team” to help this chiropractor come to faith J.

I was walking down London Road and a guy looked drunk and as though he was going to fall into the road. I considered walking past, but  decided this might be a Holy Spirit moment, so asked if he was ok and started chatting with him. We ended up walking along the road together chatting. I was asking the Holy Spirit if He wanted to say anything. I had the guy’s mum on my mind so asked about her. She is dead and he misses her and various other family hurts came out. I told him I’m a Christian, about Jesus dying for him and God being a good father. He listened and asked questions. I don’t imagine I’ll ever see him again, but I hope our conversation will have contributed to his understanding of our good God in a hurting world and maybe one day he’ll come to faith.

That's Sarah, just taking the opportunities that come her way!  Let's be praying for her chiropractor and this guy on London Road.

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