Monday, 11 July 2016

Praying for a colleagues knee

Flo Keith sent me this yesterday, it's a brilliant read:

A couple of Mondays ago, I went to one of my colleagues in the English Department after a crazy day at work and we sat and had a chat. She mentioned that she was going to her dance class tonight which was why she was working late (she also teaches dance at school!) but her knee was really sore. As soon as she told me, I felt prompting me to pray for her "Do it, do it," and with everything in me scared to, I just blurted out "do you want me to pray for your knee?" To my surprise, she said yes, so I asked if I could lay hands on and then prayed for the pain to go and a general blessing.

Now, she wasn't healed, but what happened after was just as awesome! She sent me an email about 10 mins later titled "The power of prayer" and this was her response:

Thank you so much for your prayer today, I really appreciate it. God was clearly listening – the one lady who usually comes to Fitsteps on a Wednesday has just messaged me to say she can’t come tonight, meaning I can have an evening resting my knee

Have a lovely evening.


So God answers prayer in the most unexpected way, and when I asked her about her knee on Friday afternoon, she said that the pain had gone a while ago.

So it wasn't a moment of "Wow, immediate pain gone!" but in my opinion, still an amazing opportunity (plus now she's not in pain, and I have no idea where her walk with God is, but I think her email back and the language she's used is really encouraging!

Let's all be a little more like Flo and take the opportunities that come our way!

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