Wednesday, 16 January 2008

From futility to sincerity!

I thought it might take a while but it's within a week so that's not too bad! Here's futility: A great result for the Hammers on Saturday over a team that we usually draw against was fantastic. It was whilst watching Match Of The Day on Saturday evening that I realised that I was going to be able to watch West Ham play Man City on BBc in the FA Cup replay tonight - this filled me with great joy!!!

So tonight is an FA Cup replay date with my good friends Simon and Kat Starling and of course my beautiful wife - although I cannot imagine for a second that Kat and Barbie will watch the game! Still it could be the first time that baby Ethan (Starling not Taylor!) wears his Hammers vest - heres hoping it fits him!

I also managed to be the champ for the second week running in my midweek badminton. I'm sure it will not continue but two weeks on the trot of winning 5 of the 6 games is quite an acheivement - well done me!!!

Now sincerity: Sean's message on Sunday was challenging as he spoke about Jesus and the Leper. He spoke of the faith that the leper had in coming to Christ. He also showed that sin is like leprosy. I would say it is well worth a listen.

I'm looking forward to the vision day this Sunday. As elders we believe God has so much for us in the coming year but there are some significant challenges. You can't help but think of some of the great characters in the Bible when looking out over this year.

Noah hadn't seen rain and had never built a boat, but he knew God was calling him to something and therefore he went ahead in faith although circumstance would hace called him a fool. Moses was an unlikely leader, a murderer and someone who shyed away from the public eye, but God sends him to Pharaoh and he responds with faith and the Israelites are set free! David goes against the giant with nothing more than a sling and 5 stones but he steps out not in his own strength but in faith and the giant falls - I could continue but then this blog will become too long.

I for one know that I want to be counted among these guys, who although they didn't know the exact mechanics of how the call of God on their lives was going to be fulfilled they stepped out in faith and trusted him. I also want to be part of a church that sees the problems but relies on God.


thebluefish said...

Coolwords, and welcome! Reading your blog isn't the same as a coffee with you in starbucks with it's bouncing floor, but not a bad second to that.

Sean Green said...

Scott - good to see you're blogging as well ... keep at it and when you are confident of keeping it up, lets link it on the website!