Friday, 11 January 2008

What does 2008 hold?

Reading blogs of good friends has lead me to this point. I have never thought to do this before and in fact am still wondering how long I will keep this up for. Not being the most reflective person in the world and not having an awful lot of time at my disposal, I almost think I am setting myself up to fail, but hey let's give it a go.

At the start of this year I do wonder what God has in store for the Taylors. We are contemplating extensions, kitchens and holidays at the moment. How expensive are all of these things?!? I'm sure I will look back on this blog in 12 months time and look back on what God has done and who knows if what He has in store is the same as what we think He has in store! The reality is we have to put our faith in Him and trust the He knows what is best as well as seeking wise counsel from our close friends.

On an individual note, these things I do know: I want to know the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit more in this coming year. I am hungry to know more of his word and thirsty for more of the Spirit. I want to be a better husband loving my wife in a way that reflects the way that Christ loved the church - his bride. I want to see West Ham achieve a reasonable position in the Premier league and I want to improve in my positional play in badminton, maybe even competing in a tournament or two!

Aside from the West Ham one these are all things that I think are achievable - watch this space as the year unfolds.

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