Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Amazed at God and loving it!

Well no West Ham result to reminisce on this week - however I am still top of the fantasy league football that I play in, by some 170 points. Once again a week has flown past. I had intended on writing again sooner but preparing to preach takes all the writing abilities that I possess.

Preaching on Jonah really opens your eyes to how great God is and how much we need him. When you think about it, there's always something that we are running away from God with and we all need to turn to him and seek his forgiveness. The great thing for Christians being that he will not let us go and he will pursue us because of his love. As I have reflected on these things I am once again amazed by his grace and mercy which he has lavished upon me.

To that end I watched The Passion of the Christ again yesterday. It's not that I desperately wanted to watch it again, but I once again wanted to endure (if that is the right word) in some miniscule way what he did on my behalf. As I wept through most of the film I knew that there was nothing better to give my life to than the pursuit of knowing him more and serving his Kingom as best I can until he returns or death catches up with me.

It is only 4 days away until my 9th birthday as a Christian. The Lord has brought me so far since that time. I thank him so much for all he has done. If there is anyone reading this that does not know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour do not hesitate in finding out more about Him. It will change your life and it wont necessarily be easier - Jesus isn't a fix all cure for every problem, we still have to face them - but we face them knowing that the creator of the universe is in control and that ultimately we wll be with him. If you want to know more then leave someway of contact in the comments section of this post.

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