Thursday, 12 August 2010

Books that have stirred me recently

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had been reading a book called the 'New York City Noon Prayer Meeting' by Talbot Chambers, and I said i would do a precise of it when finished.  Well I finished it a while ago and have been also reading 'Revival Fire' by Wesley Duewel.

First published in 1858, Chambers' intent in writing the book was to chronicle the first year of the revival that all started because a man span up a noonday prayer meeting for business men.  It journeys through the very beginning when only a few gathered to when hundreds gathered in different parts of New York at the same time to pray for one thin - salvation.  For the outpouring of the Spirit in such a way that people fall to their knees and commit their lives to Jesus as they are confronted with the reality and are deeply convicted of their sin. Through out the book their are testimonies upon testimonies of how people raised up a person in prayer and within days if not minutes the person is giving their life to Jesus.  Tales of people who are not Christians, going to the prayer meetings so that people at the meeting would pray for them!  In our 'busy' world I loved what the book taught me.  We can have all the programmes in the world to help people find Jesus, but unless the Spirit comes and convicts people of sin then all our hardest efforts are fruitless.  We need to be a people who get on our knees and seek after Him who alone can grant the miraculous gift of salvation and then let him do the work as we live our lives like Christ and speak of his good news in our worlds.

The second book Revival Fire is a stirring account of times where the Spirit of prayer and intercession has gripped nations and has seen the Spirit poured out resulting in many being saved and added to the kingdom of God.  This coupled with the first book has left me with a desire to see these things in our time like never before.  That passion has always been there but now it is intensified and I long to see the day when many are bought to glory by the Spirit through the Son to bring glory to the Father.

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Cammie Novara said...

"Well I finished it a while ago and have been also reading 'Revival Fire' by Wesley Duewel." I can really relate to that quote in every imaginable way. There's a really fascinating debate that I thought would be of interest on evolution vs. intelligent design going on at