Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Alpha Week 1

So Alpha has started and last night was a great success.  There's some pictures here showing what a great job Nicola Abram and Jess Del Rio did in turning our modern office into a country tea room.  Here's the summary and then the prayer points.

· We had 25 guests, 17 of those were proper guests and 8 of those were people bringing guests.
· There was a wide range of experience with many having had some contact or a history in church before.
· All the guests signed up to come again
· 10 people who had said they were coming did not turn up on the night.
· Next week Nicola will be speaking on the title – Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?

Please pray for:

· Hearts and minds to be transformed by the Spirit
· People to return next week
· Those who couldn’t come this week to be able to come next week
· Relationships to be built
· Nicola as she prepares and speaks next week
· That new people will join us next week
· Salvation!!!

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