Friday, 4 February 2011

Alpha week 2

So the second night of Alpha went well.  Many people from the previous week joined us again for tea, coffee, cake and chat.  There was once again a great buzz, with people from different nations and backgrounds gathering around the common interest of finding out more about Jesus.

Josh had spent much of Monday making sure the room was set up as well as it had been the week before and he did it admirably.  The team helped people with their questions and making people fell welcomed and loved.  It's great to see students and others coming in to serve Jesus by serving tables with teas and coffees,  Kathy Bond, Andrew Harris, Nitin Williams, Josie Atkinson, and Naissa Bougma take a bow, you were excellent.

If you are not involved on the night though, you can still play your part by praying.  First give thanks to God for:

· We had 18 guests, 15 of those were proper guests (8 people who don't yet follow Jesus) and 3 of those were people bringing guests.
· The table leaders
· 4 new guests
· Great conversations that are already taking place

Please pray for:

· Hearts and minds to be transformed by the Spirit
· People to return next week
· Those who couldn’t come this week to be able to come next week
· Relationships to be built
· Scott as he prepares for next week
· That new people will join us next week
· Salvation!!!

We are in partnership with our God and so we must be a people who pray and ask for Him to do all that He wants to do through our efforts.

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