Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Alpha Week 3

Last night we gathered again at the church office with 29 of us: 7 seekers, 9 consolidators, 4 supporters and 9 team. There was a great buzz with questions being asked and everyone on the tables having ago at answering, or commenting. The tea and coffee guys served brilliantly again, lead by Kathy Bond we had three Malaysians and a Northern Irish lad plus another student that doesn’t even go to our church but wanted to serve! 

The question time afterwards lead to a 10 minute debate around the reason that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil had been put there in the first place. All in all a very fruitful evening looking at the question ‘Why did Jesus die?’ 

Things to pray for: 

  • Salvation.
  • The ongoing maturing of those 9 who are consolidating their faith. Some of which have just become Christians others have been for longer, but still have questions. 
  • The supporters and team that we too will grow in our love and understanding of Jesus. 
  • The relationships on each table to grow in trust and in depth. 
  • That many would sign up to the Alpha Day Away at Beaconsfield on 26th Feb, to hear about the Holy Spirit and his work in our lives. 
  • That the Spirit would be with us as we gather next week
Thank you for supporting the course in prayer.

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