Thursday, 31 March 2011

Alpha has come to an end

Thank you so much for all the prayer that has gone into the Alpha course, it definitely had an impact.  On Tuesday we had the last night and it went well, so well in fact that it was difficult to get people to leave at the end.  There have been some great relationships built over the past ten weeks and most people who finished the course are now part of our church on a Sunday.

We didn't see everyone make a decision to follow Jesus on the course, and actually we cannot make that bit happen.  All we can do is continue to pray for those who have now heard the gospel and need to make a response.  My prayer would be they would all respond positively.

We will be baptizing 2 that have been on this Alpha course, on Easter Sunday.  It will be inspiring to hear their stories as they step out in obedience to Jesus.

The next course will be in September so I ask you now to continue to build those relationships you have and nearer the time, gently and lovingly invite them along to meet Jesus.

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