Tuesday, 29 March 2011

April opportunites

April sees three Sunday events to invite people along to:

1) On Mothers Day we will remember the important roles that mothers play in the lives of their children and therefore in the lives of those their children meet. Invite your mum along and then take her to dinner afterwards! Why not invite those mums that you know around you to come and hear how important their role really is?  If you are new parents you have a new pool of people to invite to this sort of thing!  It's just another opportunity to introduce people to Jesus in a fairly low key way.

2) If you're looking for a more full on affair then the following week is for you.  April 10th sees Paul Brown's visit with us.  We must invite people who don't yet know Jesus to this as Paul will preach a clear gospel message that will be simple but powerful.  We will also be praying for the sick and injured, expecting God to heal as he has in the past.  We trust that as people see the healing power of Jesus and hear  the gospel, that the greatest miracle of all will be in evidence - salvation.

3) Finally we have Easter Sunday, 24th April.  Both the morning and evening congregation will gather together as one in the morning at Reading Girls School and we will be baptizing people.  Baptisms are always a great way of introducing people to church because they don't just hear a preacher but they also hear individuals from the church give their personal story of faith.  It's also Easter Sunday when people are more likely to go to church anyway, so give it a go and invite someone along!

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