Thursday, 10 March 2011

So how's Alpha going?

So far on this Alpha course we have rung the bell 3 times for those who have made a commitment to follow Jesus. I look forward to seeing 2 of these come through onto Foundations and into the all that God has for them.

In the meantime we still have 3 more weeks to help others come to the same conclusion as those who have already rung the bell.  Let's keep praying for the Alpha course.  Just because it's not talked about in the wider context let's always stand alongside it as life groups and individuals in lifting the people up to Jesus.

Let's be those who engage and choose to think about it and let it encourage us and challenge us as to who we can invite in September to the new course.  It's been such a long time since last I saw one of my friends do at least one night of Alpha and I hope to see that changed in the Autumn.

As I often acknowledge, salvation belongs to our God, but we have our part to play in inviting and helping people find him and discover for themselves, the grace and mercy and love that we know as a reality in our lives.

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