Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A great weekend

This past weekend was fantastic. On Saturday night we had our very first acoustic night.  110 people came and enjoyed three great bands and a chance to meet new people and further existing relationships.  The atmosphere and comments that I had after lead me to think that that this could be something that we would repeat.  The links here are to Vimeo where you can enjoy something of what went on: Abi Hope, The Bambury Tree and Gecko Collective.

However the weekend got better and better.  Sunday morning saw one response to the gospel.  A guy who had been coming regularly for a year, put his hand up during the end response and committed his life to Jesus.  It was fantastic.  To see his him and his mum afterwards hug was amazing and a real answer to prayer.

Then, if that wasn't enough, in the evening another first time response to the gospel.  Someone who has been coming to Alpha, came to the acoustic night then came to the evening meeting for the first time and gave their life to Jesus.  I spoke to her and as far as i could tell the Spirit had moved mightily in her and had definitely given her faith to put her hand up and step into a new life of forgiveness.  We came back to the church office and the salvation bell was wrung for the first time this year!!!

All in all a weekend to remember and one to praise our God for as he was the architect of all that happened.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

2 years!!!

So today is Rachel's second birthday.  it doesn't seem that long ago that I was holding her for the first time.  However my love for her grows deeper and i am more amazed than ever that my Father in heaven should ever entrust one so small and vulnerable to me and my B to look after.

We thank God for the joy and the happiness that she has brought into our lives and for the rough edges that are being knocked off as a result of being parents.  We do not know what she will grow up to do but I do pray that she will grow up to BE a follower of Jesus and that she chooses Godly paths.  This is all in his hands and we trust Him, just as we did with Tiny and LT even though they didn't make it full term.

As for now.  I look forward to going home this evening and being daddy to our special little girl who is enjoying the fact that today is her birthday.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

A video displaying true greatness

in my opinion this is one the greatest current stories of serving I have seen.  I remembered it preparing for Sundays message.  Beautiful, inspiring and a reminder of the relationship with have with our Father in heaven.  It's a reminder that serving is doing what makes others feel fulfilled and alive as well as doing what they need.  It's about seeing beyond the immediate and dreaming for the unimaginable.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Alpha Week 3

Last night we gathered again at the church office with 29 of us: 7 seekers, 9 consolidators, 4 supporters and 9 team. There was a great buzz with questions being asked and everyone on the tables having ago at answering, or commenting. The tea and coffee guys served brilliantly again, lead by Kathy Bond we had three Malaysians and a Northern Irish lad plus another student that doesn’t even go to our church but wanted to serve! 

The question time afterwards lead to a 10 minute debate around the reason that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil had been put there in the first place. All in all a very fruitful evening looking at the question ‘Why did Jesus die?’ 

Things to pray for: 

  • Salvation.
  • The ongoing maturing of those 9 who are consolidating their faith. Some of which have just become Christians others have been for longer, but still have questions. 
  • The supporters and team that we too will grow in our love and understanding of Jesus. 
  • The relationships on each table to grow in trust and in depth. 
  • That many would sign up to the Alpha Day Away at Beaconsfield on 26th Feb, to hear about the Holy Spirit and his work in our lives. 
  • That the Spirit would be with us as we gather next week
Thank you for supporting the course in prayer.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

RFC Acoustic

It's only 11 days now until our Acoustic night at South Street Arts Centre, and tickets are now available on-line, just click on the photo or here. It's a night to listen to great music, chill out with friends, and a chance to showcase some of the talent that there is around in lighting and sound as well as music!

We are looking forward to a great line up of acts:

Abi Hope is a Reading girl who has played in various venues across the south of England.  She has a rich soulful voice that brings to life many songs that you think you've heard before.

The Bambury Tree are more of a folky flavour, delivering a style similar to that of Noah and the Whale or Mumford and Son, their musicianship has a touch of the Bellowheads about it!  They are great live and the blend of accordion and various stringed instruments and the distinctive voices combine to make a wonderfully ecclectic sound.

Gecko Collective are a Reading based group of musicians who bring a collection of cover versions in a contemporary and fresh way.  As a group they have wide and varied musical influences which is expressed in the songs they choose and make their own.

If you haven't got a ticket yet then it's time to do so right now and buy one for a friend, please don't wait until you get to the door only to be disappointed!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Alpha week 2

So the second night of Alpha went well.  Many people from the previous week joined us again for tea, coffee, cake and chat.  There was once again a great buzz, with people from different nations and backgrounds gathering around the common interest of finding out more about Jesus.

Josh had spent much of Monday making sure the room was set up as well as it had been the week before and he did it admirably.  The team helped people with their questions and making people fell welcomed and loved.  It's great to see students and others coming in to serve Jesus by serving tables with teas and coffees,  Kathy Bond, Andrew Harris, Nitin Williams, Josie Atkinson, and Naissa Bougma take a bow, you were excellent.

If you are not involved on the night though, you can still play your part by praying.  First give thanks to God for:

· We had 18 guests, 15 of those were proper guests (8 people who don't yet follow Jesus) and 3 of those were people bringing guests.
· The table leaders
· 4 new guests
· Great conversations that are already taking place

Please pray for:

· Hearts and minds to be transformed by the Spirit
· People to return next week
· Those who couldn’t come this week to be able to come next week
· Relationships to be built
· Scott as he prepares for next week
· That new people will join us next week
· Salvation!!!

We are in partnership with our God and so we must be a people who pray and ask for Him to do all that He wants to do through our efforts.