Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Stories from the Mad Stad

We had a great time at our One Church celebration on Sunday.  It was brilliant to start with good news stories of answers to prayer and what God is doing in our lives.

Ethan told of how they have been learning about religions at school and he took in his bible.  His teacher read from the bible at the end of the day and he was able to have a couple of conversations with children in his class about how they could be Christians!

Mick told of how he posted a card of encouragement through the neighbours door; Saffy told us of how she had desired the gift of tongues, asked for it at a youth weekend away and ended up speaking in a language that she hadn't learnt!!!

These were just some of the stories that were told publicly on the morning.

As I left on Sunday morning, the security guy was genuinely delighted to see how people had all left smiling and joyful on the morning.  It turns out that someone else had had a great conversation with him earlier and he had shown a great interest.

God is on the move amongst us, let's be alert to what he is doing and let's encourage each other by taking every opportunity to share the good news stories, whether that be answers to prayer, opportunities to pray for others or being able to do good works to help someone out that brings light into someones life.  

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