Friday, 1 February 2008

Big names and teams

Only a 3 days since I last blogged and back already. Thought I would leave a little time to see if West Ham signed anyone in the transfer market so I could comment on that, but they didn't.. so I can't! Other than to say well done Alan Curbishley for keeping faith with the team you have got. Also after Wednesday night and beating the superstars of Anfield at our place, we didn't really need to sign anyone anyway!!!

It's funny though I still spent yesterday (amongst many other things you understand!!!) wondering, just maybe, if we would sign a big name to add to our steadfast squad. I guess it's easy to get carried away with big names and miss the talent that's already there.

Having big named players in your team is fine as long as they play in the team and for the team, but having a steadfast team that plays to its strengths - and out of them when needed - is just as strong if not stronger. There will always be bright stars among us whether we play football, lead churches or excel in their field of work or study or homemaking, but a team that pulls together is a team that moves forward.

I know that I can want to be a bright star or a 'big name' for God - through a mixture of pride and wanting to do all I can for Him and He has given me certain gifts and talents which enable me to do what I can for Him - but I cannotand hould not mistake what I do for God for who I am in God. I am his son, chosen by Him since before the beginning of time, I am free, I am seen as righteous, no longer a sinner but now a saint, justified and set apart.

Who I am in God is not determined by what I do for him, but what I do for Him is determined by who I am in Him.

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