Tuesday, 12 February 2008

11 days gone by!

11 days ago I was really pleased with myself because I had managed to have only three days in between blogs. Funny how things go eh!!! Lots has happened though in those 11 days. West Ham have lost and drawn which is very disappointing; and I at last feel that I am improving at playing badminton again after feeling that I had stood still for a while.

Prayer and fasting was a great time with the team and with God. Being wonderfully filled with the Spirit once again and then ministering out of encounter with Him was fantastic. Also feeling a real sense of contentment in God whilst there just knowing the race that he has set out for me is the one that I want follow - whatever that may turn out to be.

This was followed by Ben Davies with whom many of us at the church spent valuable time. It's so good to learn from people that are so far ahead of me in experience as they have insights that I don't even see.

Last night was the highlight though. Being back in Bar Breeze on Bulmershe University Campus here in Reading, DJing for the first time in 10 years in that place. It was part of a CU evening where I was also given the opportunity to tell my personal story of how Jesus changed my life. It was a great evening with some really interesting conversations. As well as good music from a three piece guitar band, a young lady called Lisa Francis - who should be signed by some record label by the way because she is excellent- and a jazz band that got the crowd moving!!!

It was a reminder to me that it's good to have fun as Christians and not hidden away in a corner somewhere. Hiring the second most prominent venue at Bulmershe and putting on an evening of entertainment, paying for three security staff (because that's all part of the package), all so that bridges can be built with friends who may otherwise think that Christianity is boring irrelevant and untrue.

A quality night, with quality people all for a God that is worthy of our best.


thebluefish said...

Someone really should give Lisa a deal. Cool that you could DJ there and share the story.

You've found a real niche here with the West Ham posts, can't say I've ever read any other Hammers blogs.

Scott said...

The West Ham thing was never my intention and I do hope people will read beyond that, but hey if it's innovative I'll claim it!!!