Saturday, 30 August 2008

What a great Olympics

Well I was away from a computer for the whole of the Olympics pretty much so I didn't have the joy of day to day analysis - however I though I would just put on a brief post to say Wow - what a great time we had.

Sport watching doesn't come much better then this. The British guys winning medals left right and centre, Olympic records broken all over the place and World records being smashed that we didn't think would ever be caught. It was two weeks of really exciting stuff.

Highlights for me were the obvious ones really - Rebecca Adlington doing things we didn't think female British swimmers could do; Chris Hoy, Bradley Wiggins, Victoria Pendleton, Rebecca Romero and the rest of the team ruling in the velodrome; the rowers and the sailors. But number one has to be Usain Bolt. Whether a so called freak of nature or the beginning of a new style of sprinter, this guy was immense. you sensed that whenever he got to the track that something incredible was bout to happen and he didn't let us down.

I didn't see the opening or closing ceremonies as this isn't my sort of thing, but what I do know is that London is now the Olympic city. We hopefully wont try to compete with Beijing as I don't think I can afford to have to pay more taxes to pay for sport, but I do thin k we will do a great job of doing it our way.

As far as I am concerned we have to start getting behind our sporting teams. We are so fickle as a society - we build people up to super star status only to shoot them down when they don't always come up to our unrealistic expectations. We have just destroyed the South Africans in one day cricket and the players are hailed as heroes, but if we lose the next one I know they will be calling for this player and that player to be dropped. Freddie Flintoff was supposedly past it, but he's now once again number 1 in the world as an all rounder, I suppose he's got it again!!!

I for one will continue to support our British sports men and women and our England teams as well as my beloved West Ham with a more realistic expectation than I ever have. I don't want to make sports men idols, I want to celebrate their victories.

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