Wednesday, 27 February 2008


West Ham beating Fulham, me being champion of badminton a week ago, going and seeing my parents on Friday and Saturday last week - all of these things are great, but all of them pail into insignificance when I think of the greatness of our God and the wonder of Jesus Christ.

Preparing and speaking at Freedom In Christ last night has once again opened my eyes to the magnitude of what Christ acheived on our behalf in dieing on the cross. Looking at the fact that Adam and Eve were both physically and spiritually alive and then seeing a fresh that when they sinned they became spiritually dead and that is our condition when we are born into the world is terrifying. The fact that Adam had all significance, all security and total acceptance and threw it away for a piece of fruit!!! In turn losing that significance, that security and that acceptance, leaving mankind to long after these things from that time onwards. Looking at the fear and anxiety and the worry and the pain and the depression and the guilt and the shame and the weakness and the powerlessness and the anger that every man will experience at some point in their life, is horrible.

However then focussing on Jesus and what he came to do. Yes he came to take away the sins of those who would believe in him and give us hope for a future in eternity with him. Yet he also came to give life. That which was lost at the fall restored to us again through the death of Jesus Christ. He came to give us back significance, security and acceptance - no longer chasing the wind to try and find an answer to the despair that we feel - but now found in Christ.

9 years on and I feel that I am more amazed and in awe of Jesus than I ever have been. When I hear what he did and what he achieved it strengthens my resolve to be more like him and to seek after him, because surely only he knows best. I don't want to be a person who chases what the world has to offer, all the stuff that Solomon said was 'meaningless, utterly meaningless (Ecclesiastes 1:2) in order to find my purpose, my hope , and my acceptance - I want to chase after the Author and Perfector of my faith, the Beginning and the End, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords - Jesus Christ!! The one who bought me new life by his blood.

Friday, 15 February 2008

All things are possible with Him - even fitting a shower!!!

Just fitted a new shower!!! It's so funny how manly that makes me feel. I've provided for my wife and she has just delivered a heart shaped mini cheesecake. What else could a man want!!!

Only a short post tonight, but after thinking that putting up a new shower would be impossible, I am once again reminded that I am able to do more than I think I can - all I need to do is step out and give it a go. This is true in all areas of life - after all we read in Ephesians 3:20:

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen."

We cannot imagine what we can do or the places to which he will take us or the tasks to which we can put our hand to because we limit ourselves by our own experience and the gifts we think we have. The Lord however often has other plans. As we step out into something or somewhere new, he works, for his glory, through us by the power of his Holy Spirit. What an encouragement to us all!!!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

11 days gone by!

11 days ago I was really pleased with myself because I had managed to have only three days in between blogs. Funny how things go eh!!! Lots has happened though in those 11 days. West Ham have lost and drawn which is very disappointing; and I at last feel that I am improving at playing badminton again after feeling that I had stood still for a while.

Prayer and fasting was a great time with the team and with God. Being wonderfully filled with the Spirit once again and then ministering out of encounter with Him was fantastic. Also feeling a real sense of contentment in God whilst there just knowing the race that he has set out for me is the one that I want follow - whatever that may turn out to be.

This was followed by Ben Davies with whom many of us at the church spent valuable time. It's so good to learn from people that are so far ahead of me in experience as they have insights that I don't even see.

Last night was the highlight though. Being back in Bar Breeze on Bulmershe University Campus here in Reading, DJing for the first time in 10 years in that place. It was part of a CU evening where I was also given the opportunity to tell my personal story of how Jesus changed my life. It was a great evening with some really interesting conversations. As well as good music from a three piece guitar band, a young lady called Lisa Francis - who should be signed by some record label by the way because she is excellent- and a jazz band that got the crowd moving!!!

It was a reminder to me that it's good to have fun as Christians and not hidden away in a corner somewhere. Hiring the second most prominent venue at Bulmershe and putting on an evening of entertainment, paying for three security staff (because that's all part of the package), all so that bridges can be built with friends who may otherwise think that Christianity is boring irrelevant and untrue.

A quality night, with quality people all for a God that is worthy of our best.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Big names and teams

Only a 3 days since I last blogged and back already. Thought I would leave a little time to see if West Ham signed anyone in the transfer market so I could comment on that, but they didn't.. so I can't! Other than to say well done Alan Curbishley for keeping faith with the team you have got. Also after Wednesday night and beating the superstars of Anfield at our place, we didn't really need to sign anyone anyway!!!

It's funny though I still spent yesterday (amongst many other things you understand!!!) wondering, just maybe, if we would sign a big name to add to our steadfast squad. I guess it's easy to get carried away with big names and miss the talent that's already there.

Having big named players in your team is fine as long as they play in the team and for the team, but having a steadfast team that plays to its strengths - and out of them when needed - is just as strong if not stronger. There will always be bright stars among us whether we play football, lead churches or excel in their field of work or study or homemaking, but a team that pulls together is a team that moves forward.

I know that I can want to be a bright star or a 'big name' for God - through a mixture of pride and wanting to do all I can for Him and He has given me certain gifts and talents which enable me to do what I can for Him - but I cannotand hould not mistake what I do for God for who I am in God. I am his son, chosen by Him since before the beginning of time, I am free, I am seen as righteous, no longer a sinner but now a saint, justified and set apart.

Who I am in God is not determined by what I do for him, but what I do for Him is determined by who I am in Him.