Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The End of the world... I don't think so!!!

"The Earth is the LORD's and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it;
for he established it upon the seas and established it upon the waters." Psalm 24

Today as scientists endeavour to recreate the so called 'big bang' in Switzerland, these verses stand out. These verses remind us that He, that being the One True God, created and established the earth and that it all belongs to Him. As humans we can do all the experiments in the world but we cannot recreate that which God did when He spoke the world into being.

Incredible as this experiment may be in magnitude and financial outlay and indeed in danger, it can neither show how the world began, nor indeed end the world. Only God has the power to do both of these. We as humans find this so hard because we don't want to humble ourselves before an almighty God. We want to have explanations that ignore God because then we don't ever have to be called to judgement for our behaviour and our attitudes. We can live for ourselves and that seems right because we can ignore God.

I say ignore because He is always there, breathing new life into wombs, making it rain, bringing crops, allowing there to always be air to breath, making the sun and moon to rise each day. This is called God's general grace in theological terms and it means that he is in control. More specifically it is actually Jesus - we read in Hebrews chapter 1 that Jesus is the sustainer of all things; the bible also says in Colossians chapter 1 that Jesus creates all things whether seen or unseen, for Him. It then goes on to say that he holds all things together. You see God is in control and the experiment today is a way of showing our ignoring of Him.

It is almost preposterous to say that God created everything but we happy for a mother nature to be involved or worse still that it was just a bunch of chance happenings that explains why we are as we are. The universe points to an intelligent designer who is is control. I am no scientist, I also don't despise science - science has brought many great things to this world, I just think that as a society we believe blindly in theories, accepting them as fact, because some plausible men on television and periodicals tell us it's true.

Jesus is true and I am going to believe in Him, on the final day that's the only thing that will matter and it will be Him that brings about the final day, not some scientists in Switzerland!

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