Thursday, 4 September 2008

West Reading Badminton Tournament update #7

After the Summer holidays it was once again time for the four intrepid shuttle warriors to go forth onto the wooden floor arena that is the Rivermead leisure centre. As I arrived a few moments late you could already sense the tension in the air. Over the past three weeks, there had been two victors, Richard once and Nev twice.

I could see as I approached our court that Nev was focused, he had no intention of relinquishing what he felt was rightfully his, the medal; Kim was certain that this would be his week and Richard looked like he was just toying with the shuttle. I had resolved in myself that none of these men would intimidate me and I proceeded top quietly do up my shoe laces and stepped onto the court. After an absence of three weeks would I still be able to play, I was thinking and I could tell that the boys were also.

All I can say is that the badminton that followed was intense. The first game, as an example went to 26-24, other games went to 24-22 and 22-20. This was not an evening for the faint hearted. All four of us were placing our shots all over the court, smashes were fast and drop shots were tight to the net. As I stood at the end of the last game 21-20 I couldn't help be feel that all of us had come back ready to show what we could do and so it was with relief that I had the medal placed round my neck by a smiling Neville, knowing that I had had to work hard for the medal in winning all 6 games.

However I do believe that tonight's winner was badminton!!!


Pasifik said...

hmm... i guess someday we have to meet each other in a game as an opponent...

i think you are master in badminton? are you a pro?

i'm a big fan of badminton too but i'm amateur.

i love badminton,


Scott said...

Hi pasifik

I'm afraid I am like yourself just an amateur. The guys I play with have taught me all I know and we are all quite similar in ability. I am a bit younger than them so I think I still get away with things because of my fitness.

I am certainly no master and definitely not a pro, but a lover of the game.