Thursday, 4 September 2008

Football's a game, Jesus is life!

Sitting in the office at 3:45 yesterday, I heard the news that Curbishley had left West Ham, he had resigned. I thought they were joking. I returned home at 6:00pm after playing badminton knowing that this was true. To be honest I was not surprised, but I must confess to being a little shocked. I have disliked immensely all the negative media attention that Curbs has ad to face in his time as our manager and to be honest I wish the man well and pray that he will find a job that will honour his capabilities and respect him for the football manager that he is.

At present it is difficult to supprt West Ham, the family club that we once were doesn't seem to be that any more. Of course I will continue to support them as to me they are the only team to support, but questions must be asked. Why is Kia Joorabchin having his say about Curbishley, he's the one that nearly took our club down in the Tevez saga and then wanted to sue us? Who will replace Curbs? I can't see Bilic coming yet; Harry will have no interest in coming; we could end up with an Italian manager! (My personal choice would be Bilic by the way.)

Of course there are far more questions, but do you know what, I am not going to dwell on it. As I have thought this through I can see that (I can't believe I am about to say this), it's only football. I do not follow the developments of Vodafone or Shell with such interest why would I, they are businesses, and to some extent that is what my football club has become. We as fans still see it as our game, but let's be honest, we are just the people that help finance it.

On the last day, I am not going to be concerned as to whether Alan Curbishley left West Ham, I am going to be totally consumed by the presence of my King. When He returns, West Ham will be no more (If it hasn't happened before then!!!) but He will remain Lord of all reigning forever. My concern in this life should not be on earthly matters as they will fade away but on Jesus, the authour and perfecter of my faith.

Of course I will continue to support West Ham and of course I will love it when they win and feel it when they lose, but I must always remember that football is a business and a game that I enjoy (or endure) looking in at, but my focus must be Jesus.

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