Tuesday, 2 September 2008

New signings at RFC!!!

Well after my rant of yesterday, west ham didn't sign anyone new up for this part of the season. Oh well never mind!!!

However Reading Family Church have signed three new year teamers and that's much more exciting. Today Hannah, Sam and Andrew came on board to serve the church in their respective areas. These guys are three new heroes in the life of RFC. They are paying to come and give 11 months of their lives to serving the Kingdom.

Hannah is going to be working with the students; Sam will be working with Sarah to continue to build our children's work and see it go from strength to strength; Andrew has come on board to support the work of the youth team and to be Mr. Creative in the media department. They are three great people and I am excited about the prospect of them working with the church.

With these three new signings in the team, we can expect to continue to make progress and see our church grow from strength to strength.

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